It appears that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Many of the troubling problems that have confronted us over the last couple of years are now either resolved or in the process of being remedied. There has been some progress made with legal issues, and we hope for positive resolutions in the near future.

We struggled putting together a budget for many months during the year, and it is now a pleasure to have that behind us. I would like to thank all of you for your trust and support with your positive vote on the budget. Your confidence in us is heartwarming.

In summary, I think we have turned the corner from the past years' problems. We need now to look to the future while remembering the past. This is the best way to assure that we are headed in the proper direction.

Nick Huff

Captain John's Log

Signs have been put up on the docks and the ferry to remind members and guests about certain safety regulations. Start your engine only when directed by the ferry crew, not before. In the interest of everyone's safety it is important to follow the regulations and the directions of the crew.

Please call and notify us if you are expecting a delivery or repair person. A delivery truck, or any vehicle, can't be over 40,000 pounds gross weight in order to be taken on the ferry. If the delivery truck is oversized, transport on the ferry has to be pre arranged. Also, it is important for the security of all that anyone coming on the island has a signed guest pass.

August low tides will be the last low tides that affect the running of the ferry this year. The weeks of August 2-4 and August 16-20 have ferry cancellations. August 2, the noon ferry may be late. August 3, the noon and 12:30 ferry runs are cancelled. August 4 there will be no noon shuttle.

Then in the middle of the month it happens again. August 16 there is no shuttle on the 9AM ferry. August 17 the noon ferry may be late. August 18 the 10:30, 11:00 and 11:30, 12 ferry runs are cancelled. August 19 the 11:30, 12 ferry runs are cancelled and the 1:30 will leave late. August 20 the 12:30 ferry will leave early and there will be no shuttle.

Burn Ban on Herron Island

Effective July 14 a Burn Ban was put into effect on Herron Island. Any threat of fire threatens us all and we are definitely in the dry season. No outdoor burning is allowed. Pierce County may or may not have a Burn Ban, however, Herron Island does.

Cruelty to Animals Not to be Tolerated

There has been a report of someone placing a plastic roll on the necks of two of the wild cats on the island. The cats are avoiding capture and may starve. If there is any knowledge of this event or of this type of activity please report to the office.

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