Call to Order:  President N. Huff called meeting to order at 10:00 am.


Roll Call:  N. Huff, President, K. Fennell, Treasurer, J. Podell, Executive Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, B. Turpin, Land Use, F. Reichlin, Rules & Regulations, D. Allen, Island Manager.  Excused:  R. Pinkley & Ken Freeman


Membership input: K. Gatliff requested that all incoming correspondence be read to the members. The Board agreed.


Previous Board Meeting Minutes:  N. Huff addressed the format for meeting minutes and expressed concern that the minutes should contain information beyond that of motions made and seconded.  Additionally the minutes should contain key issues currently affecting the island and all assigned action items.  The Board agreed with this approach. 


K. Fennell made a motion to accept the July 14th minutes as written.  B. Turpin seconded.  Motion carried.


Correspondence:  J. Podell read a list of correspondence received (1 letter, 1 Statement from Atty. J. Strichartz) and read aloud a letter from one of the members concerning recent acts of cruelty to animals on the island.  Nick Huff requested that anyone with information about this issue contact the sheriff. The seriousness of this issue resulted in the involvement of the Humane Society and the Pesado Law Advocacy Group.


Finance:  K. Fennell made a motion to pay the island bills. J. Podell seconded.  Motion carried.   Water pump replacement bill was received as a result of the failure of water pump #2.  Payment of $6000+ will come from Water Reserve funds.


Senior/Disabled Ferry Discount Program:  K. Fennell reported that we are now 5 months into the pilot and the total revenue impact to date is approximately $1380.  A question arose concerning whether the Board has the authority to continue the pilot or must put it to a membership vote.   Our island attorney was questioned on this and stated that it must go back for a membership vote, but the By-Laws could be changed at some future date to permit the Board to make this kind of decision.  K. Fennell made a motion to place this issue on the Ballot in the August Beachcomber.  F. Reichlin seconded.  Motion carried.  A question arose about whether a decision by the membership on this issue will affect the discount being made available to the ferry crew, or is it a stand-alone benefit for the crew.  Further investigation needs to occur before a definitive answer can be provided.




Legal Liaison:  D. Allen reported that the three pending lawsuits against HMC have now been settled.  Our Attorney recommends that the Board prepare a summary of the circumstances that resulted in these lawsuits, discuss the outcomes, and develop a plan to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


Multiple Lot Ownership: There was much discussion on this issue.  K. Fennell pointed out to the membership that in May 1999 a report was prepared on this subject summarizing the issue and the financial impacts.  A copy of this report is available to the members at the HMC office.


Unsightly lots:  There was a discussion of unsightly lots on the island.  It was suggested that the Board could adopt rules that fine owners of unsightly property and place liens when fines are not paid.  Further discussion will occur.


Transportation:  There has been a request from a member to allow trailers on the ferry during holiday weekends on a “space-available” basis.  General discussion ensued. The current policy will not be changed at this time.


A suggestion was received from a member that the shelter on the mainland for walk-on passengers be moved to the south side of the ferry dock.  Discussion ensued. Because severe south winds have previously damaged the roof and toppled the shelter, it will remain on the north side.


Water: As a result of Well #2 Pump failure, a replacement was purchased and will be tested next week.  Some wiring work remains to be done.


Administrative: A reminder will be placed in the Beachcomber stating that only service and delivery persons may charge ferry fees.


An offer by a delinquent member was made on the LeFord/McKinsey property in the amount of $2475.44 to settle the delinquency.  K. Fennell made a motion to accept this offer.  F. Reichlin seconded.  Motion carried.


The Balabar property is coming up for tax sale in September.  The owner is offering a partial settlement and monthly payments in settlement of the delinquency and to prevent the sale.  The Board decided to defer this issue to obtain additional information.


Land Use: Purchase of the Lewis property has been completed, but the final paperwork has not yet been received from the County.  C. Jones asked about the status of the boat on the property.  D. Allen will look into this.


Rules & Regulations: The Board has agreed to a hearing on Sept. 9 about a dog bite incident.  F. Reichlin distributed pertinent background information to the Board


Fire Department/V-CART/Emergency Preparedness: No formal reports available. The burn ban remains in affect - no open fires (including beach fires) are allowed.  Congratulations to Claudia and Bill Jones who recently completed First Responder Certification.


Parks: An Island work party has been scheduled for Sat. Aug. 25 to work on park improvements and other projects.


Roads: No new information. B. Zazzo asked if signage indicating the ferry staging area could be improved.  Discussion ensued about courtesy issues related to our mainland neighbors (e.g. overflow parking on the roads).


New Business: A member asked about the possibility of hiring an off-duty patrolman and squad car to enforce rules at North Beach.  D. Allen responded that this is typically done on a contractual basis with law enforcement agencies.  M Turpin stated that this had been done in the past, without significant improvement.  Since this could have significant financial impact, it will not be pursued at this time.


Boosters: M Turpin reported that the Aug. 4 barbecue/auction was the most successful event ever.


Beachcomber: Deadline for submissions for the Aug. Beachcomber is Aug 13.


B. Turpin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  K. Fennell seconded. Motion Carried


Respectfully submitted by,




J. Podell,

Executive Secretary