December 8, 2001


Call to Order:  N. Huff called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Roll Call:  N. Huff, President, K. Freeman, Vice President, K. Fennell, Treasurer, J. Podell, Executive Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, B. Turpin, Land Use,

F. Reichlin, Rules & Regulations, R. Pinkley, Secretary, Doug Allen, Island Manager.


Membership input:


Noted in appropriate sections below.


Previous Board Meeting Minutes:


The Board meeting minutes from last month need to be more comprehensive.  N. Huff recommended deferring acceptance of the November minutes until this has been completed.




R. Pinkley read list of correspondence received in the last month.  (Six pieces of correspondence received; only one from HMC member.)




K. Fennell reviewed the current months bills, discussed miscellaneous finance issues, reported out on our annual audit, and reported Ferry revenues for November.  Detailed coverage of these issues can be found in the written Treasurer’s report.  K. Fennell made a motion to pay the island bills. 

J. Podell seconded.  Motion carried.


Island Manager’s report:

A detailed assessment of each section can be found in the Island Manager’s written report.  Additional discussions that occurred between the Board and HMC members present are shown below.


Discussion ensued concerning the current status of V-Cart and the “9911” number. It was determined that both should be retained as currently exists.


Following his annual employee evaluation of Capt. John Farris, Doug recommended that Capt. Farris be granted a merit pay raise effective at the end of his second full year of service, in November of this year.  R. Pinkley made a motion to authorize the salary increase for Capt. John Farris.  F. Reichlin seconded.  Motion carried.


HMC was recently invited by our island attorney to attend a legal luncheon that is held bi-monthly to review homeowner’s association issues.  Doug Allen and Kathy Fennell attended for HMC. 



Doug discussed ferry insurance increases that are resulting in an 11% increase for our primary coverage and 15% increase for our secondary coverage (bids from other marine insurers were included as well).  Doug reported that he contacted our insurance broker to inquire about the reasons for these increases and found that marine insurance companies are implementing increases for all of their policyholders this year.  In order to establish and maintain our good safety record it was recommended that we maintain our current carriers and absorb these increases.  John Farris inquired if we had solicited proposals from any other marine insurance brokers.  Doug reiterated the benefits of establishing a solid business relationship with an insurance company. John Farris made a recommendation to pursue other options.  The recommendation was noted and Doug agreed to make some calls to other companies for inquiry purposes.


See written report for issues concerning details related to the relief ferry captain recruitment and the ferry ramp motors problems.


We are currently without a spare ramp motor and discussion followed considering our options.  A suggestion was made to inquire about similar systems currently in use supporting other ferry systems.  (i.e. McNeill Island)  The Island manager will follow-up.


Special emergency ferry runs – discussion occurred about submitting a bill to the requesting party in the event that the fee is coverable by a member’s insurance.  A concern was addressed by the Island Manager about HMC functioning as a collection agency, but the Board agreed to look into this further.


See written Island Managers report. 


Larry Williams  (HMC Water Manager) was present at the meeting. He explained the problems currently affecting recent water tests and said the State could require we implement a system that provides permanent chlorination.  Implementing this recommendation would result in installation and continual maintenance costs but may be considered at a later date.  However, to solve the immediate issue he provided a written plan for next steps to be performed over the next couple of days and recommendations for going forward from this point.  (See written plan for details.)  Additionally, he discussed the possible sources of contamination and recommended solutions to prevent contamination of our water source and Dept. of Health fines that could result if  “acute” contamination tests occur.   Newly implemented DOH regulations make consideration of these recommendations a high priority for the Board. 




Al Moren is trying to identify and contact the person who is authorized to use Dick Mowry’s equipment in his absence


Land Use:


No written report.  B. Turpin advised that the boat on the Lewis lot has now been removed and Doug advised that the trailer would follow shortly.


K. Freeman asked if the Cepede/Reed lot, which is currently delinquent, be obtained by HMC for inclusion in our island park plan.  We will attempt to determine the status of the lot through J. Strichartz office.  The Board may consider this option at a later date.


Rules & Regulations:


Two cases remain unresolved.  (A trash burn for which the member has requested a hearing, and one case to be dropped for lack of details provided).  Notice was placed in the Beachcomber last month concerning new Island rules.  This is the first draft and is subject to change based on member input.   


Fire Department/V-CART/Emergency Preparedness:


Four 911 calls occurred in November.  Hotter-burning spark plugs have been installed in the fire engine to correct the starting problem.




T. Anspach contacted the supplier for the rubber playground material to check on the current pricing (which remains the same).  He also contacted a trucking company to inquire about delivery of the material for the best possible price.  The Board gave him authorization to purchase the product immediately. 




L. Moren reported on the following: The Christmas party is scheduled for tonight.  Boosters are using donated lights for the Ferry this year.  The donated storage shed will be moved shortly to the Community center.  Boosters purchased two new ladders for their use.  Lastly, they will test out two new chairs at the Christmas party tonight.




Deadline for submissions to the next Beachcomber is 1/14/02.        .


New Business


No new business reported.


B. Turpin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  K. Freeman seconded. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by,



J. Podell, Executive Secretary