January 12, 2002


Call to Order: 


Roll Call:  N. Huff, President, K. Freeman, Vice President, K. Fennell, Treasurer, J. Podell, Executive Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, B. Turpin, Land Use,

Doug Allen, Island Manager. Excused: R. Pinkley, and F. Reichlin


Membership input:

None at this time.


Previous Board Meeting Minutes:

J. Podell made motions to accept the 11/10/01 and 12/8/01 Board meeting minutes.  K. Fennell and B. Turpin seconded each respectively.  Motions carried. 



N. Huff read list of correspondence received in the last month.



K. Fennell made a motion to pay the island bills. K. Freeman  seconded.  Motion carried.  The written Treasurerís report contains details relative to the online bill paying system, the HMC annual audit, December ferry revenues, and a budget surplus with suggested recommendations of how to utilize the surplus funds.  One of these recommendations was to utilize part of the monies to fund a water system study.  (See the written Treasurerís Report for specific details.)  Discussion followed about utilizing some of the funds to finance ferry maintenance projects during the ferryís dry dock scheduled for later this year. Bill Zazzo made a recommendation about possibly providing the marine paint this year to save on contractor costs. Additionally, K. Fennell  reported a $3000 tax refund for HMC this year.


K. Fennell made a motion to place a ballot measure in the January Beachcomber to approve water system planning study using surplus funds and permission to sell the KWM and Guarisco properties.  J. Podell seconded. Motions carried.


Doug reported on our unemployment tax rate being raised this year.  It is our option to make a single payment now and reduce our tax rate for the coming year.  The Treasurer will run the numbers to determine if this is a viable option and report at next Board meeting.



Island Managerís report:

A detailed assessment of each section can be found in the Island Managerís written report.  Additional discussions that occurred between the Board and HMC members present are shown below.



V-CART & Website changes (see written report for details).  The special phone number (884-9911) currently costs HMC $250/yr.  The Board and membership discussed the phone usage and whether or not to cancel the service.  K. Freeman made a motion to disconnect the line.  B. Turpin seconded.  Additionally, the value of the V-CART service was discussed.  The Island manager has attempted to contact the Petersens on three separate occasions but has been unsuccessful.  Further discussion occurred which addressed the continuing need for V-CART in light of the EMT and First Responders who are currently certified through the Fire Department.  There appears to be a conflict between the services.  Members recommended a notice be placed in the Beachcomber advising the membership of the discontinuation of the special phone number in favor of the Fire Dept. medical responder process.  The phone will be discontinued immediately.  Billie Hutchison will personally notify all of the members on the island with special needs.


The Herron Island Website has not been updated for several months.  Doug recommended control of the Island Website be moved to someone who can effectively operate and maintain it as a functional tool for the benefit of the island members.  Ken Freeman was able to access the source code and felt that he could maintain it.  He just needs password access as Webmaster.  Kathy made a motion to transfer Webmaster responsibility to K. Freeman.  J. Podell seconded.  Motion carried.



A request has been made to the Coast Guard to reduce the $5000 penalty imposed relative to the fatal accident that occurred on the ferry in 1999.  We are currently awaiting a response from the Coast Guard. 



See Island Managerís report for details relative to relief captain interviews, marine insurance, ferry ramp motors, ramp lifting mechanism, and increased fees from Tacoma Diesel.


K. Fennell addressed a concern about housing for a relief captain. A recommendation was made to include a notice in Beachcomber requesting available member housing in the event that a relief captain requires housing. Also, HMC has a set of Coast Guard training manuals for captains.  Doug will retrieve them.


Ferry ramp cables - Doug recommended replacing ramp cables every 5 years in accordance with state standards.  Ours are currently 7 years old.  A bid for replacement has been requested from General Construction.


Billie Hutchison asked if her ferry pass is valid when she uses another memberís vehicle to remove trash from the island.  The board stated that the pass would only be valid if she was driving the vehicle herself.



See written Island Managerís report for update on water quality and latest test samples.



See Island Managerís report.


There are some cedar trees that are obscuring the road at the end of the baseball field and blocking the vision on the road.  The Roads chairman will trim the trees to remove this obstruction.   Additionally there are obstructing trees at the top of Ferry Road interfering with sight of the information board.  Further discussion needs to occur by the Board before this issue can be dispositioned.


Land Use:

No written report.  


There is an abandoned boat on the mainland parking lot. The owner of boat is a delinquent member and has been notified in writing.  Additional action deferred by Board until the member responds.


Rules & Regulations:

The Rules Chair has recommended meetings occur over the next few months to review the new rules and regulations before being presented to the membership as a ballot measure.  The Board is hoping to place the measure on the ballot in time for the June annual meeting.


Emergency Preparedness/Fire Department:

Ken Freeman reported that they have resumed their weekly drills.  No 911 calls occurred in the last month.




No report



Linda Moren reported that there will be a Potluck and boosters meeting tonight at 6 pm.


The storage shed has been determined to be unmovable and therefore not useful for Boosters purposes.



Deadline for submissions to the next Beachcomber is January 14th.


New Business:

Island beach burn Ė Al Moren requested that we investigate and select a date for the next burn.


Kerstin Wiggins requested that the ban of her son (Mario Clark) from the island for past bad behavior be lifted to allow for a visit today to the island.  The Board president asked the member what guarantees can she provide that the past behavior would not be repeated. Several options were discussed including a written request from the member and her son stating that no further bad acts would occur.  The member agreed to this and the Board granted a one-time waiver for todayís visit. The written request will be placed in the file and will become part of the historical documentation of this issue. 



Adjournment:  B. Turpin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  K. Fennell seconded. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by,




J. Podell, Executive Secretary