Regular Monthly Board Meeting

June 9, 2001



Call to Order: President N. Huff called meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Roll Call/Introductions:  Present: N. Huff, President & Transportation; K. Freeman, Vice President & Emergency Prep; K. Fennell, Treasurer & Finance; R. Pinkley, Secretary & Water; B. Turpin, Land Use, D. Allen, Island Manager; J. Strichartz, Attorney.   Excused:  F. Reichlin, Rules & Regulations. 


Membership Input:  Following each committee report and Board discussion on that subject, there will be a brief time for member input - questions and comments will be limited to the subject being discussed.


Previous Board Meeting Minutes:  K. Fennell made a motion to accept the May 12th minutes as written.  K. Freeman Seconded.  Motion Carried. 


Correspondence:  R. Pinkley read list of correspondence including an email from member M. Graham.  


Finance:  K. Fennell made a motion to pay the bills listed on the “Unpaid Bills Summary”.  B. Turpin Seconded.  Motion Carried.        


Land Use:  B. Turpin reported we appear to have a problem with members camping or using their cabins without necessary waste facilities.  Future discussion and possibly a workshop meeting are needed to update the rules regarding this situation. 


R. Haun agreed to spray the twenty-two island owned properties again this year. 

B. Turpin made a motion to hire R. Haun to spray HMC's twenty-two lots for noxious weeds.  K. Fennell Seconded.   Motion Carried. 


Transportation:  New signs for the ferry have arrived and will be placed soon.


Rules & Regulations:  No report. 


Fire Department & V-CART:  M. Petersen presented information about USCG Eyes on the Sound Program  ~ if you are interested in learning more call 884-9911 or visit www.herronisland.org.


Emergency Preparedness:  Island maps are updated quarterly and available for purchase at the office.


Water: The Board and members will need to determine what, when and how they plan to update our current water system in the future.


Parks:  A work party will be planned to place the first portion of playground cushioning materials. 


Roads:  Road watering continues in our efforts to control the dust. 


Beachcomber:  Next issue deadline is June 11th. 


Unfinished Business:  J. Strichartz reminded us that "safety" should be our most important concern in all our decisions.  Time is less important than lives. 


New Business:  Through discussion with our attorney it was determined that the in-depth minutes are not necessary.  The only minutes that are required are motions, votes or resolutions that are made.


Membership Questions:  None asked.


Adjournment:  K. Fennell made a motion to adjourn.  B. Turpin Seconded. Motion Carried.  President N. Huff adjourned meeting at 11:20 a.m. 



Respectfully submitted,




Terrill Chilson

Executive Secretary



Minutes approved by the Board on July 14, 2001.