††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† HMC BOARD MEETING MINUTES

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† November 10,2001


Call to Order:


Roll Call:N. Huff, President, K. Freeman, Vice President, K. Fennell, Treasurer, J. Podell, Executive Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, B. Turpin, Land Use, F. Reichlin, Rules & Regulations, R. Pinkley Water Committee Chair, Doug Allen, Island Manager.††


Previous Board Meeting Minutes: K. Freeman made a motion to accept the Oct. 13th minutes.J. Podell seconded.Motion carried.



RPinkley read list of the incoming correspondence.



K. Fennell submitted a written report.K. Fennellmade a motion to pay the island bills.K. Freeman seconded.Motion carried.††† The Treasurerís report contained issues relative to the HMC fee schedule.K. Fennell made a motion to accept the new fee schedule submitted by the Finance Committee.J. Podell seconded.Motion carried.K. Fennell made a motion to purchase $15.00 gift certificates for the HMC employees for the holiday .F. Reichlin seconded.Motion Carried.


Island Managerís report:

The Island Managerís report contained separate sections as identified below.Any discussion that occurred relative to each issue is noted below.



See written report



See written report


K. Fennell made a motion to approve the Letter of Employment and Disciplinary Review procedures pending final review by our island attorney.K. Freeman seconded.Motion Carried.



See written report



See written report



No written report submitted.



Land Use:

No written report was submitted.



Rules & Regulations:

No written report was submitted.


Fire Department/V-CART/Emergency Preparedness:


J. Podell made a motion to notify the Fire Department that the Island Manager has been appointed the Fire Department Liaison.F. Reichlin seconded.Motion Carried.



No written report was submitted.



Christmas party/dinner will be Dec. 8th.There will be a Santaís Workshop in the afternoon for the kids, a visit by Santa with gifts for the kids at the dinner that evening.


No report.


Unfinished Business

No report.


New Business

No report.


R. Pinkley made a motion to adjourn the meeting.B. Turpin seconded. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by,




R. Pinkley, Secretary