October 13,  2001


Call to Order: 


Roll Call:  K. Freeman, Vice President, K. Fennell, Treasurer, J. Podell, Executive Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, B. Turpin, Land Use, F. Reichlin, Rules & Regulations, R. Pinkley Water Committee Chair, Doug Allen, Island Manager.   Excused: Nick Huff


Burn Ban:  

B. Turpin made a motion to end the current burn ban on the island.  R. Pinkley seconded.  Motion carried.


Previous Board Meeting Minutes: K. Fennell made a motion to accept the Sept. 8th minutes.  B. Turpin seconded.  Motion carried.



R  Pinkley read list of the incoming correspondence. No correspondence from members was received this month.



K. Fennell  made a motion to pay the island bills.  J. Podell seconded.  Motion carried.    The Treasurerís report contained issues relative to HMC fees, a personal thank you to all of the members of the various budget chairs and Finance Committee members for their support throughout the year.  Collections, ferry revenue and reserve account status for the last fiscal year were all discussed.  Details are contained in the written report.


Island Managerís report:

The Island Managerís report contained separate sections as identified below.  Any discussion that occurred relative to each issue is noted below. 



See written report



See written report


Additionally, Mary Turpin asked about the ferry policy of returning for vehicles that have been held up because of an accident on the mainland when they call the crew on the cell phone to hold the ferry for the memberís arrival.  Discussion followed that this is at the discretion of the captain, but must pass a test of reasonableness.  Island policy has some flexibility for special circumstances.  A statement will be placed in the November Beachcomber to this effect.


There was extensive discussion about two recent minor vehicle accidents on the ferry.  Doug Allen prepared detailed memos to the Board concerning both and these were included in the correspondence received this month.  One of the affected parties (Dave La Londe) was present at the meeting and provided his assessment of the incident.  Parties from both incidents are being requested to submit their positions in writing to the Board for further Board consideration.  



See written report



See written report



No written report submitted.


Land Use:


No written report was prepared. 


Concern was expressed about an illegal outhouse on the property adjacent to the Star cabin.  On 9/20 the Health Department was contacted and agreed to send someone out to inspect.  Two additional calls occurred on 10/11 and 10/12 but to date no one from the Health Dept. has come to the island or returned the last two phone calls.   M. Turpin will again try to connect with the Health Department.  If this is not successful, the Board will send a letter expressing its concern.


Lewis property- HMC should have final ownership documents within the next two weeks.  Process is complete but it needs to be recorded.  The boat, boat trailer and the travel trailer on the property were also discussed.  The island has received a couple of inquiries and discussion followed concerning whether HMC should try to obtain title.  Doug Allen described the registration and title process which could take up to 3 years to complete. Some members agreed to check out the condition of the boat before a final decision is made.  Another option would be to contact a small boat company to see if they would be interested in purchasing the boat.  The issued will be readdressed next month.


Rules & Regulations:


See written report


There was further discussion about the dead rat brought to the meeting last month by a member.  Ken Freeman contacted the Health Dept. who informed him that they would only get involved if there are obvious health problems evident at a nearby property. A single dead rodent is not sufficient evidence for them to take formal action. If the reporting member wishes the Board to get involved they must file a complaint stating that a rule has been broken and ask the Board to take action.





Fire Department/V-CART/Emergency Preparedness:


Since no reports have been filed since June 2001, Doug Allen will contact Gary Peterson to ask if he wishes to continue in this role.  Since the Petersons have been off the island a lot over the past several weeks, concern was expressed about how the V-Cart phone calls are being handled.  It is believed that the line is being forwarded to another member of the V-Cart committee.  Further discussion will occur after Doug contacts G. Peterson.


Operating the fire engine Ė K. Freeman contacted the Fire Dept. to verify that one qualified person could drive the fire engine to the scene of a fire and soak external areas, but would not be allowed to enter a burning structure. T. Anspach asked if any discussion has occurred about insurance liability for using our water truck to aid in a fire emergency.  The insurance company was not contacted.  Jim Strickhartz was contacted and expressed apprehension.  Different risk scenarios were discussed and options explored.


Nancy Broege (spelling?) completed a contact list of islanders who are year- round residents, and are willing to share resources such as boats and generators for use in the event of an island emergency.


An updated island map has been prepared and is available at the HMC office for members to purchase.



Removal of small boat docks will occur 10/29. 


We need to purchase the remaining playground cushioning material soon to secure the price.  Board concurred with this approach. 


T. Anspach made a request that downed trees on HMC property be made available for free to members who wish to take the material off of the property.  Material could be tagged as available.   A notice will be placed in the next Beachcomber identifying the lots affected.  It is hoped that will reduce some of the cleanup on these lots next spring.


There are five fir trees that need to be topped at North Beach before the new roof is installed on the Pavilion.  Tim Jones has quoted $450 to top the trees.  No money has been specifically budgeted for this but Kathy will look to see if there is any flexibility in the budget.  Some of this cost could possibly be offset by any savings we realize from the purchase of the remaining playground material.  Further inquiries will be made.


Ken Freeman noted that flags which are flown at night are required by law to be illuminated and we should explore the possibility of installing a light fixture on our flagpole at North Beach.   Further discussion will occur.





Doug Allen will contact the insurance company to remove the water truck from our insurance policy during the winter months.   Also, a question surfaced concerning covering the truck during the winter months.  Several options were discussed but it was determined that it was better to leave it out in the open. 



Next meeting will be 11/10 at 6 PM.   Pot luck items are requested to be chowder, chili, and salads.  Current Booster projects are, new roof on the Pavilion, the purchase of five more tables and chairs, the purchase of a 10 x 12 storage shed to store Booster equipment, and Christmas lights for the ferry. 



Deadline for submissions to the Beachcomber is November 10th.


Unfinished Business

Concerning the new DNR operating agreement, Doug Allen contacted the Dept. of Natural Resources who stated that they are willing to negotiate a new lease but they are currently too busy to meet with us.  Discussion followed concerning the property boundaries between HMC and the county and how it affects parking space on both the mainland and the island.  No final determination at this time.


New Business

B. Turpin asked about the possibility of another community burn.  D. Allen will ask about obtaining a commercial burn permit when he contacts G. Petersen.


B. Turpin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  J. Podell seconded. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by,




J. Podell, Secretary