Dry Dock 2012

(10/3/2012) (From Claudia Ellsworth)  The ferry slid down the ways at the shipyard early this morning, conducted successful sea trials, and headed back to port until departure for Herron Island at 1 p.m. Regular service should resume Thursday morning, October 4.

See you Thursday!

Photos of the Charlie Wells on its trip to and from Tacoma. These were taken by John Farris (except for the ones in which he appears and Doug's shot under the bridges.).

Doug Kammerer's shot of the Charlie Wells passing under the Narrows Bridges on the way to the shipyard

View of Narrows Bridges on the way in to Tacoma

Arriving at the shipyard in Tacoma

Approaching the shipyard ways

Winching the boat up the ways

View of hull before cleaning Ė with hitchhiking mussels from Case Inlet

Headed back into the water

Back in the water and ready for sea trials

(9/28/2012)  Charlie Wells Update (and Technical Stuff)

(From Claudia Ellsworth)

As of Friday, September 28, there are no reported changes in the scheduled return to service October 6.

With Donnieís help, I took a few photos to include with this update. First, the Charlie Wells hidden behind the paint screen (Iím sure these things have technical names).

Second, the hull being prepped for new bottom paint.

And, here is a photo of one of the engines our mainland neighbors arenít fond of. The wormy looking stuff in the background is the spill containment boom used on deck to surround the fuel truck during on-board fueling.

Much as Iíd like to tell you all about the photo below, Iíll just say in lay terms that itís some new device John proposed that will reduce wear on the propeller shaft, which should reduce the cost of propeller replacement! Good work, John.

And finally, here are two of the guys who help make this happen. Be sure you say ďthanksĒ when the ferry comes back all painted and shiny.

(9/25/2012)  Attached are two photos taken by the Island Manager this morning at the shipyard. The "Charlie Wells" looks rather diminutive out of the water, next to all the big fishing boats and barges at the Port. The boat was not totally out of the water until 2 p.m. Monday, which is a little behind schedule. I took these pictures around 9 a.m. Tuesday at the time of the Coast Guard inspection.

The inspection was successful and brief. The renewed Certificate of Inspection will be posted in the cabin of the boat. The next Coast Guard inspection will be October 23rd at the mainland terminal. That inspection will address safety and operations rather than physical condition.

John and Donnie were working on painting and other maintenance. The boat will receive new paint, zincs, propeller shaft inspection and new seals and a few other items as the work continues. Some will be done by HMC's able crew, and the rest by the shipyard. John Farris has also arranged to gather estimates on the cost of installation of new engines in 2013.

There have been a handful of inquiries about visiting the boat while it is in Tacoma. The shipyard is a very busy heavy industrial site, with many operations going on at one time. Visitors without a business purpose are not welcome. So, I'll send along photos in the hope that that's enough information. If you have questions, send them to hmcmanager@herronisland.org.