Flooding Photos - December 17, 2012

Alice Nelson took these photos of the high-tide flooding at the ferry docks and North Beach on December 17th.

The first four were taken at North Beach around 8:50 AM.

The next two were taken on the ferry from the island to the mainland at about 10 AM (late because the crew stayed on the mainland to make room for cars to pass through - you'll see why in the last picture). Tried to show you how huge the waves were.

Taken at 3:30 PM. The couple pictured live on the mainland. The outhouse (porta potty) had been tipped by the waves. Some chainsaw work had already been done. The huge logs were those we sat on down at the beach to the left of the gangway, facing the island. Captain John said he'd never seen anything like this before and neither had Donny. Said they'd seen stuff float up, but not like this. Pretty awesome stuff.

Here is a photo taken by Jerry Palmer the same day.

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