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On Monday August 20th, 2000, our worst fear on Herron Island happened. We had a fire. One home burned to the ground, but luckily, the fire only charred the neighboring trees and no other homes were damaged.

Dozens of islanders helped with the impromptu "bucket brigade" until the Fire Department arrived, and V-CART members used the phones to warn islanders. Many thanks to everyone who helped.

The Fire Department arrived at the mainland ferry dock five minutes after the 911 dispatch and the first unit arrived at the scene 28 minutes after the call. (The record is 22 minutes for an aid call.) The ferry had a full load and was almost to the island-side dock when the call came in. They docked, unloaded and headed back to the mainland in record time. Thanks to the ferry crew and all of the passengers for their speed and cooperation.

With everyone's help, we escaped a disaster this time. PLEASE use caution with any type of flame or fire in these dangerous conditions!

On Herron Island, we're serious about our 15 MPH speed limit!
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