MAY 29, 2005

Congratulations to all our Herron Island sailors. All boats completed the race with no mishaps. The wind was perfect and many spectators were cheering the sailors on. We welcome first time sailors Jim Eichholtz, John Holm and Jon Vargo. The race was completed in record time.

First Place: George Newcomb/Ron Purbaugh: 1hour and 6 minutes

(click on photos to enlarge)

Second Place: Greg Hackworth and crew: 1hour and 10 minutes

Third Place: Larry and Michael Carreiro: 1hour and 24 minutes

DUCKY RACE Gary Soriano: Grand Prize Winner

BLINDMAN DINGHY RACE Canceled as only one team showed up.

Let's make 4th of July race our biggest and best. Itís time to get your boats ready and be up for the challenge. We could use donated dinghy boats for those who do not own one. Be ready Sunday at 2pm. TO DICK AND IPPUN MOWRY: Your official protest for the sailboat race to take place on SATURDAY at 2pm has been reviewed and accepted. Hope to see all the monohull and multihull boats ready to go. There will be a short five minute warning and a long blast at 2pm for the start.