Water System Control Surveys

Attached is the recorded survey (Recorded ROS 11 15 11) done for HMC by Baseline Engineering in support of the water project. The map shows areas that were of particular concern to the project engineers at Northwest Water Systems. The first page shows control points mapped for the water system contractor’s guidance. Page 2 shows the surveys of North Beach Tract A and the “Waterworks” lots. The first was mapped because of confusion over the southern boundary and the future location of water service; the second survey was performed for the purpose of providing future security fencing around the waterworks.

Also attached is a document titled Herron Island Control Survey, which shows control points for use by the water system contractor, and on the southeast and west sides of the island, illustrates the location of the actual road bed within (or outside) the platted roadway. Because of terrain, existing encroachments and other factors, this area was of particular concern to the project engineers.